Our advantages

Our advantages

Our Advantages

At Dimarco Trade, we offer a wide range of vegetables and fruits, both domestic and imported. We supply food products to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. To provide our customers with fresh, juicy foods, we guarantee same-day or next-day delivery.

Smooth cooperation with our Suppliers is among our biggest benefits:

  • we ensure reasonable pricing;
  • we are an accredited distributor for 12 largest producers/suppliers;
  • we offer discounted products from 80 suppliers;
  • we have vast experience in working with high-profile suppliers, both Russian and international.

Over 11 years of hard work, we’ve managed to build a flawless reputation and become a general supplier for the top companies in the HoReCa industry. Our assortment includes 11 product categories.

We employ true professionals that meet the 4 major requirements:

  • they are loyal to our company;
  • they have long-term relationships with all key business partners;
  • they know our product range like the back of their hand;
  • they know all ins and outs of our sales technology.

With smooth logistics & sales processes, we take good care of our clients’ needs. By using advanced, high-tech equipment in our offices, storage and transportation facilities, we ensure excellent customer treatment and rigid quality control.


Operating in the Russian market since 2001, Dimarco Trade  is involved in supplying food products for network restaurants and coffee houses, hotels, food production facilities, and catering companies. Plus, we supply raw materials for confectionery producers and small bakeries. With well thought-out lineup and custom approach, we can meet more than 50% your company’s demand for food products.